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Greenware Press Studios
Santa Fe
New Mexico
United States
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In pursuit of my MFA in Interdisciplinary Book & Paper Arts, at Columbia College Chicago, we were required to take Letterpress Printing course, and I fell in love with wood type. (I always used a shared studio until now; bought my 219AB and am still restoring it -- have a few more parts to fabricate before I can print reliably.)
Presses & Equipment
Vandercook 219AB (more to come); also potters wheel, electric kiln.
Education & Training
MFA in Interdisciplinary Book & Paper Arts, Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts, Columbia College Chicago. (2002-2005); BFA in Ceramics, California State University Long Beach (1996). Took a workshop with Fritz Klinke of NA Graphics and Paul Moxon, in 2004. Went on "Travels in Typography" in 2013 (to Tipoteca Italiana, to Mainz Germany, and to Madrid Spain - printing in each place). I have also been volunteering at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum for over a decade.
Work History
Established Greenware Press Studios, Santa Fe NM in 2019 and still setting up (will eventually have as website but for now on Instagram @greenwarepressstudios . Founded Transit Residency NFP in 2010 and ran it until we moved to Santa Fe, in May 2018 (archives at if as long as I keep it active). Prior to that, my resume is on my (out of date, maiden-named) website:
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Ceramics, Book arts, reading, travels, eating/cooking/garden-growing. Running a residency for artists.
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Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum
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