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Rabbittown Press
New Brunswick
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by way of relief printmaking and through a friend who gave me first right of refusal on a package deal of a Vandercook SP15, a double Hamilton cabinet with assorted metal and wooden type, a dozen or so sets of Ludlow mats, and assorted odds and ends --- I acquired the lot(and more since).
Presses & Equipment
Vandercook SP15, C & P NS 8 x 12, Heidelberg 10 x 15 (1953), Kelsey 6 x 10, Chicago #10, Challenge 19 1/4 inch guillotine, Ludlow typecaster, Lead saw, a small but half decent assortment of metal and wooden type and a small but good assortment of Ludlow mats --- serif and non serif --- plus odds and ends of other printerly things
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None as far as printing and the arts go. I do have a Bachelor of Education from the University of New Brunswick and a New Brunswick Teacher's licence and I have a Master of Divinity and was a Rev. in the United Church of Canada for thirty plus years.
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A Rev. in the United Church of Canada for thirty plus years, part-time instructor in Fine Arts at St. Thomas University for five years (Printmaking and Celtic Art and Design)
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Aikido, painting, drawing,printmaking
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