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St Brigid Press
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December 2011
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As a poet/writer/artist, I became interested in the craft and tradition of letterpress as a way to manifest my words in the world. At the time, I had no idea that there were great-uncles on both sides of my family who were printers; later, I learned that my father's uncles had a print shop in one of the barns on their farm in central North Carolina, and that my mother still remembers the smell of ink from visiting her uncle's print shop in Pinehurst, NC. So, I guess letterpress is in the blood! I'm completely smitten, and am enjoying learning and creating with this process, in the old-time manner of hand-set type on dampened paper, hand-bound books, and electricity only for the lights overhead.
Presses & Equipment
Poco "0" Proof Press, 12x18" cylinder (circa 1910) Golding Pearl No. 3, 7x11" treadle platen (1909) Potter No. 2, 17x26" cylinder (circa 1915)
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Many, many conversations with printers, especially John Falstrom (CT) and John Barrett (MA), and reading, studying, and experimenting.
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Writing, nature, Old-Time Appalachian music (playing fiddle, guitar, clawhammer banjo), walks with my dog, enjoying the Blue Ridge Mountains where I live.
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NAPA: National Amateur Press Association