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Started my career in the newspaper business in 1955, and kept at it for 42 years. Beginning in the dispatch department, I finally got an apprenticeship in the composing room as a machinist. Worked in this capacity until getting my journeyman’s card after five years, and then went on the night shift as chief (and only) machinist. We had 16 Linotypes, 2 Ludlows, a Monotype Material Maker, and the usual compliment of saws, proof presses and other mechanical equipment. In the 70’s the company changed to “cold type” and I was retreaded and became the process camera operator and plate maker. Later, the camera was replaced by an Autokom machine, and then on to computer operation with Adobe photoshop. I had had enough by that time, as I am really a nuts and bolts man, so I took a buyout and early retirement.
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I rescued, tore down, repainted and rebuilt a model 8 Linotype that was manufactured in 1923. This was joined by a 1950’s C&P Craftsman press, sans feeder. I have a proof press, an ancient Miller saw and the usual hand operated equipment. I have over 100 fonts of Lino mats.
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I do little printing, some composition work, but run about 15,000 “No Hunting”  signs in season.  Also do the usual “thank you” jobs for friends and relatives.  I have some hand type, mostly big wood stuff.
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I also am an avid shooter, and load my own cartridges as well as cast bullets. (Can’t get enough hot metal!) Another hobby is basic clock repair and I am an avid reader, usually over 50 books a year. I enjoy rescuing small printing equipment and composing room items from local shops which I sell at a small profit. Saving this stuff is my main goal.
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