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Inky Mutant Press
United States
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My father had an Albion press in his study. He would print the occasional piece. While still Children myself and my sisters helped create a small booklet of children's parodies. I kept working with him on other projects and eventually the press became A & J Morris, Portobello. After some years (I went to University, moved, and so on) my father passed the Albion on to others who could use it. Earlier this year, 2017, my wife bought me a C + M Caxton 4 x 6 table top press. With new rollers, some type and some practice I am printing small things for my own enjoyment.
Presses & Equipment
Curtis and Miller Caxton 4x6 tabletop press.
Education & Training
Relevant to letterpress printing: Working with my father who was a bibliographer as a child/teenager on typesetting and printing with an Albion. No other relevant training or education (MSc in Software Technology, BSc in Applied Physics)
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Worked for an ISP, then an IT company now a Healthcare company managing computer systems.
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Leather working, Bookbinding, Electronics, Software Development, Cooking.
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Briar Press
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