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My first hands-on experience was in Journalism classes in high schooI, followed by numerous jobs doing layout, then operating offset presses for about 10 years. I started working at Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee in 1980, but the shop was about to close permanently, and I convinced an earlier owner to bankroll a revival of the historic shop. After leaving there I operated my own poster shop, Ritz Sho-Card Co. in various locations until 2005. I specialized in wood and metal type posters, and carved woodblocks to create my own look. Starting in 1984 I taught myself wood engraving and was actually able to pursue it as a living for a few years. The Devil's Tail Press was started in 1996 with the acquisition of my first Washington hand-press. From 2005 to 2009 I taught book arts classes at the Cowell Press, University of California Santa Cruz. Since then I have operated my private press in the confines of my own home where I produce books, miniature books, prints, cards and labels.
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R. Hoe Washington (Foolscap) c.1860, Frederick Ullmer Ltd. tabletop Albion (Imperial Octavo) c.1981, Pratt Albion No.13 tabletop Albion (Crown Folio) c.2006, Adana QH Flatbed Platen c.1961, Adana 5x8 c.1952, Miles Nervine Galley Press n.d., Showcard Flatbed Roller Press n.d..
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Twice National Old Time Banjo Champion, carving and printing by hand in the Japanese using moku-hanga techniques. Collecting books and prints ancillary to my chosen fields.
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