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I was watching a History channel show (The Men who made America) and there was a scene with a platen press operating. I've always had a love of steam machinery (trains, boats, sawmills, etc..) I love the mechanical sureity and grace of them. These machines had all of that, and were relatively tiny, available, and cheap. While I never had the means or opportunity to mess around with steam locomotives, I knew I could get into this. Plus it brought back fond memories of a High school Graphic Arts class from the late eighties. Although I didn't do letterpress in that class I did really love the creating process, and fell in love with working with the big camera and darkroom stuff. The wonderful reciprocating motion and nineteenth century flavor of the jobbing presses had me hooked from a purely mechanical standpoint. Within about ten minutes of research (Google, Wiki, etc...) I had found my future press on my local Craigslist (I have since not seen another one around here).
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1907 Chandler & Price (old style) 8x12
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Self taught using internet and old textbooks.
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