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Caveworks Press
United States
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Year You Started with Letterpress
1999-bought press
How You Got Involved In Letterpress Printing
Fell in love with the process at an internship with Pyramid Atlantic, Center for Book Arts and Papermaking. Had just completed my BFA in fine art and did not pick up a single printmaking class–big whoops! Had so much fun on the Vandercook with linoleum cuts, type and monotype backgrounds. Also had started taking some book art related classes while at college, such as Experimental Offset, which really opened up the idea of making books to me.
Presses & Equipment
Vandercook Universal III, AB • Challenge 23' paper cutter • Metal type and cuts • Lino cutting and wood engraving tools
Education & Training
Maryland Institute, College of Art, BFA, various workshops
Work History
Professional Photographic Lab work: color reading, printing, negative and digital retouching. Graphic design, writing and editing, Chairperson/Marketing for Reinbeck Art Festival, illustrator, artist, small business owner.
Other Interests & Hobbies
anything my daughter is interested in, cooking, photography, writing poetry
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APA: Amalgamated Printers Association
AAPA: Amatuer American Press Association
APHA: American Printing History Association
ATF: American Typecasting Fellowship
BPs: British Printing Society
LOLP: Ladies of Letterpress

NAPA: National Amateur Press Association