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Deep Wood Press
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It started in college as I was working toward my BFA in printmaking. Someone came and gave a very simple workshop on bookbinding and I was immediately hooked as my intaglio prints were small I started to put them in book form as a silent narrative. This worked for a little while then I wanted words but this was before laser and inkjet printers were common and a sheet of Rives BFK wouldn't have gone through them anyway if I did have access. THIS is how I discovered letterpress - I hooked up with an old 2nd generation printer and his little job shop, we set type by hand and ran short runs of text pages on a (at the time) very scary C&P 10x15. In 1992 I started Deep Wood Press in my present location and the studio started out in a 16x20' shop I built next to my cabin. I was given a Challenge 15MP (Vandercook SP15 clone) and a cabinet of type and secured a C&P Pilot as well and these combined with my Blick 999 intaglio press got me started making books in editions.

Presses & Equipment

Kelsey 5x8, C&P 6x10 Pilot, C&P 8x12 OS, Vandercook 219 OS, ATF Little Giant model 6, Heidelberg Windmill 10x15, 26" Paul Shniedewend & Co. Reliance guillotine, Sanborn standing press, numerous book presses, lying press & plough, foil stamping machines, Potdevin glue machine, Linotype model 31, Hammond Easy Kastor EK-5C, Hammond Glider saw, BAG 25.5x47" Intaglio press, Blick 999 18x24 Intaglio press, Hollander Beater, felts, molds, etc.....

Education & Training

BFA Printmaking - Grand Valley State College (now University) Many workshops in bookbinding and a short apprenticeship in conservation I hung around the Type Kitchen at the University of Iowa a lot but was never enrolled Member of the now defunct Chicago Hand Bookbinders

Work History

In 1992 I opened Deep Wood Press, work has continued uninterrupted since that time.

Other Interests & Hobbies

bookbinding, type design, fine art, BOOKS, playing music (guitar), fly fishing, kayaking, x-country skiing, my kids.

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APA, WEN, FPBA, GBW, Brayer & Bodkin (MI)
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