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Larry B. Newman Printing Co.
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When I was 14 I saw a Kelsey Press advertisement but could not afford the kit that I wanted, later in the year I found a 12 x 18 C & P at a local printer that I could afford. The hobby has turned into a 45 year career as of 2012.

Presses & Equipment

Running 12 X 18 C & P NS, V 50 X, SP 15, Model 31 Linotype, Elrod, Model L Ludlow, 1 ton Noland Furnace and 2 water cooled molds, foundry type, Hammond Glider saw, Mono Tabular Broach. In Storage: Kelly B Special with extended delivery, V 36, Rouse Vertical Mitering machine and a bunch of other things that I have forgotten about. We also operate 5 die stamping presses (genuine engraving), a 9810 A B Dick Offset, Therm-o-type Green Machine, Therm-o- type Quad 12 slitter, 2 Paper Knives, 6 station Textile Screen Printing Press, 15 Needle Barudan Embroidery machine, and more stuff.

Education & Training

Some College, Magna Cum Laude From the School of Hard Knocks and Rough Licks.

Work History

July 7 1967 to Present:Commercial Printer, paper ruler, book binder, typesetter, graphic designer, line casting machine operator, shop owner and general flunkie..

Other Interests & Hobbies

Any thing that involves type, graphics or design, also musical instruments, airbrushing, reading, metal and wood working, etc, etc, etc, etc.

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International Engraved Grapohics Association, Foil & Specialty Effects Association, Advertising Specialty Instute.
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APA: Amalgamated Printers Association
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LOLP: Ladies of Letterpress

NAPA: National Amateur Press Association