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It is the way I learned printing in high school, (graduated in 1965). I was reintroduced to LP when I joined a graphics company in Pontiac in 1987. Started out with two 3x5 Kelseys and eventually graduated to a 6x10 Kelsey, but most of what I do is printed on a 6-1/2 x 10 Craftsman. After all this time, I'm still a hobby printer, mainly printing invites, bus. cards, coasters etc. for family and friends and/or word of mouth recommendations.
Presses & Equipment
One 3x5 Kelsey, one 6x10 Kelsey, and one 6-1/2x10 Craftsman. One pedal stitcher, One 10x16 (or so) hand operated proof press (Vandercook) 125 fonts or so of type (not much wood) and various furniture and engravings, quoins, keys etc. A fairly complete shop, but a long way from becoming motorized with an 8x12 or so C & P. (Space in my Michigan basement precludes everything else.)
Education & Training
High School printing (Trade and Industrial) 2 years. 18 years in a commercial print shops, the last 7 years working in LP as well as running offset presses. The last 5 of those 7 letterpress years were spent as LP department lead. I ran all or most all of their foil stamping, die cutting, perfing, and scoring. That lead to the desire to print LP at home.
Work History
1965-66 -- AB Dick 360 at Franklin Press, in Birmingham, Michigan. 1968-72 -- internal print shop inside of newspaper company (Pontiac Daily Press Company; now The Oakland Press) Left the printing business in 72 til 1984, and stayed in it til 2002 when Pontiac Graphics, Inc., (different company from Pontiac Printing) went belly up, so I bounced around various jobs, til semi-retiring in 2009. ( By 1990 I was firmly entrenched in the hobby LP realm. No intention of giving it up, unless someday I can no longer do it.)
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