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I got one of those rubber type sets when I was 8 or 9 years old. Much later in life, I was going to help a friend of mine quit his part-time job. He did chores in a print shop. His boss says, "Do you know sommeone who wants a job?". I said yes, me. That started my 10 year job with that company. That was End-Kian Publishing Co in Lodi, California.

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I worked with 3 Windmills, a C & P 8 X 10 handfed, and a Kluge 14 X 22 autofeed. At my shop, we had a 8 X 10 C & P handfeed letterpress, 2 Muligraphic 1250s and a Challenge 23 inch Hand cutter.

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Self trained. Watched and listen. Took course in trade school until the instructor found out I knew letterpress and he had me train other. Left.

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Amateur Radio, W4NFT call. Cats. Currently recovering from cancer. Selling at ebay.

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APA: Amalgamated Printers Association
AAPA: Amatuer American Press Association
APHA: American Printing History Association
ATF: American Typecasting Fellowship
BPs: British Printing Society
LOLP: Ladies of Letterpress

NAPA: National Amateur Press Association