Why was this site created…. 

After some general discussions on the LETPRESS list during the fall of 2004, I offered to start collecting the autobiographical information of letterpress printers who wanted to be included in a future website project.  It was a noted fact that all bios would have to be submitted by the printer and would not be edited by me except for format and spelling errors.  It took me about a year, but I finally put all the pieces together, developed the original website, registered the domain and got things off and running on October 26, 2005!

After a couple years of working with the manual update process, it was clear that it was a pain in the butt for me to keep things updated on a timely basis.  Then, in a tragic hard drive crash on my laptop in December of 2007, I lost all the proprietary source code for the website that my authoring program used to create the HTML files for the website, and there was no easy way to make any updates after that point.

Then the personal illness period set in, where I suffered a neuromuscular issue that had me almost wheelchair bound between October 2006 and the September 2008.  Dealing with this website was the least of my concerns, and it just sat, unattended. After going into remission in late 2008, then spending a few years rebuilding my muscle strength, all the while keeping our own letterpress stationery business in operation, working a 4 or 5 day week most weeks, I am now at a point where I have decided a full update of this site is long overdue.

I have revamped the entire website using WordPress Blog/Website software, and have been working on getting the pages set up for everyone to enter their own information and have it automatically added to the display database.

I would love to see bios up on this website for all of the APA, NAPA, AAPA, BPS, APHA LOLP and other letterpress organizations in the world.  That would be a grand endeavor, and might actually require a little assistance from others, but at least the project is started.  Let’s see how it goes and where we are in a few months.

Lance Williams
Williams Stationery Co.
Camden, New York
APA #785