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First NameLast NamePress NameCityStateUpdated
Kimberly Acquaviva Ink & Imp Press Washington D.C. 02/25/16
Michael Addison Rough Magic Press Ojai California 08/21/12
William Allan Gaslight-Daze Printery Sun Prairie Wisconsin 09/23/16
Nina Ardery Carillon Press Indianapolis Indiana 08/21/12
Isaac Barcenas Manos Tintas Letterpress Panama City Panama 11/14/16
John Barrett Grinnin' Barrett Private Press West Springfield MA 08/21/12
Rob Beckstrom Spare Press Ukiah CA 08/21/12
Marit Bockelie The Bremerton Letterpress Co. Bremerton Washington 09/13/13
John and Allison Brebner Homeprint Feilding manawatu 10/04/12
David Brewer Rabbittown Press Fredericton New Brunswick 01/01/16
Dennis Brian Letterpress Colfax Ca 01/26/19
Alan Brignull Hedgehog Press Wivenhoe United Kingdom 08/21/12
Dennis Bryans Golden Point Press Melbourne Victoria 12/07/14
Kasey Butterfield Meryl Melbourne VIC 07/06/13
Ken Camozzi Time Presses On San Jose CA 11/01/12
Bethany Carter Kneff Thistleberry Press Jonesborough Tennessee 08/21/12
Dan Celani Private Press of Dan Celani St Clair Michigan 08/21/12
David Celani Private Press of Dave Celani Bay City Michigan 08/21/12
Rebecca Chamlee Pie In The Sky Press Simi Valley California 08/21/12
George Chapman The Bruin Press Mount Pleasant IA 08/21/12
Chris Charles Fly Rabbit Press Rochester NY 08/21/12
Daniel Const Type Hype Perth WA 06/16/13
Marijane Curry Butterfly Letterpress Madison Wisconsin 08/21/12
David Damico Guardant Press LeRoy NY 08/21/12
Naomi Davis Martindale Press Seymour Victoria 08/22/16
Geoffrey Dean The Milldean Press Box Hill Victoria 08/21/12
Meredith Dimon Greenware Press Studios Santa Fe New Mexico 06/20/20
James Dissette Chester River Press Chestertown MD 01/29/14
Louie Dudas Eagle Print Letterpress Toronto Ontario 02/21/17
Tim Dunn Moonstruck Press Keene New Hampshire 08/21/12
Alan Dye Noble Impressions San Francisco CA 08/24/12
haim eliasaf the old print shop in israel tel aviv israel 07/30/13
John Falstrom Perennial Designs Lyme CT 08/21/12
Timothy Fay Route 3 Press Anamosa Iowa 08/21/12
Kat Feuerstein Gilah Press + Design Baltimore MD 08/26/12
Greg Fischer «none» Allentown New Jersey 04/18/14
Caren Florance Ampersand Duck Canberra ACT 08/21/12
Robert Folchi The Pinion Press Stratford CT 03/06/16
Brittany Fox Paprika Press San Diego CA 06/04/14
Peter Fraterdeus Slow Print Letterpress Studio Galena IL 08/21/12